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Step 1: To create a shift- click the Shifts tab on the portal menu, then select Unpublished from the drop-down options: 

Step 2: Click on the orange “Create Shift” button in the top right corner:

Step 3: Fill in all of the fields with your shift information:

  • All fields are required. If you select your restaurant for the first field (“Specify new shift name”), the next two fields should auto-populate. 

  • You may create multiple shifts at once by selecting a date range instead of a single day. You can also add additional time slots. For example, you can….

  • Create an 11am-2pm shift every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the next month

  • Create an extra Saturday night shift for the next 3 weekends

  • Create a 1-3pm and a 5-7pm shift every day for the next week

…All with one click!

Step 4: Once you have filled in all of the fields, click “Create Shift” again. You can review the shifts in the pop up that follows. Click “Confirm” if they are correct.

Step 5: You will automatically be taken back to the Unpublished Shift List.

PLEASE NOTE: In order for your shift to be assigned to a Ninja, you must PUBLISH the shift. If you stop at Step 5, your newly created shift will remain UNPUBLISHED and will not be assigned. 

To PUBLISH your newly created shift:

Step 6: Find your shift(s) in the unpublished list. Check the box next to the Shift ID.


Step 7: Select “Publish” at the top right of the shift list, then confirm. 

Your shift(s) will now be available for Ninja bids!

Note- the above photos are from the desktop site. The mobile app will function the same, but will look slightly different.

“How far out can I create shifts for?”

  • The Bite Ninja scheduling platform will allow shifts to be created for as far out as needed. However, keep in mind that your basic schedule will already be created for you by the Bite Ninja team, and you are only responsible for approving and publishing those pre-created shifts. The Create Shift option is available if you have a recurring shift to add to your regular schedule, or a last minute shift addition. 
  • Please inform the Client Success team (CSS) or your account manager if you add a recurring shift, or a shift that begins in 1 hour or less.

“On the confirm screen, my shifts are displaying in the wrong time zone. What should I do?”

  • In the pop-up window that opens to confirm shifts, you will be able to view your shift(s) in the restaurant’s local time zone, as well as your own. For most restaurant managers, these times should match- unless you are traveling or your computer’s time is set incorrectly.
  • Check to make sure your computer’s time zone is correctly set. If the restaurant’s local time is displaying incorrectly, please contact the CSS team immediately. They will contact the app team and ensure that your shift is correctly posted.

This computer’s time is set to EST, while the restaurant’s local time is CST. Always confirm that the restaurant’s local time is set correctly.

If you are unable to click “Create Shift” in Step 4 or receive an error message when clicking…

  • Scroll up and check to make sure every field is filled in correctly. Each field is required, so you cannot leave any blank. If you are missing any information, you will see red text next to the missing field, directing you what to enter.
  • Side note- Be sure to always double check the time entered, the date range, and the selected days before creating your shift.

If you are still encountering an error message after checking the above...

  • You may have to attempt a hard reset of the browser page. Please see this article for more information: Hard Reset/Clearing Cache
  • If that does not resolve the issue, you can submit a support ticket. If it is time-sensitive, reach out to the CSS team in the app or your account manager.

If your created shift is not appearing in the Unpublished Shifts list...

  • Check to make sure the correct date range is selected. Oftentimes the date range will be automatically set to the present week. If you created a shift beyond that, you may need to change the date range:

  • If the “Reset Filters” button is orange, you can also click that to erase any previously selected filters:

  • If you have checked both items and still cannot find your shifts, please submit a support ticket or contact the CSS team for assistance.

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