Access Courses for Certification

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Step 1:  

Sign in to your Bite Ninja account at On the left hand side you will see a menu- Click on “Training.”


Step 2: 

The screen will present an orange button that reads “Go to Training Portal.” Click this button to proceed to the portal. This is where you will access the courses.

Please note- This screen will also display a list of your assigned courses. You can view your current status for each, but you won’t be able to click or view any detailed information.

Step 3:

After clicking on the orange button you will be brought to the Training Portal. On the dashboard, you will see all enrolled courses as well as your completion status.

Step 4:

Select the course that you want to work on. When you begin a course, you will see the label change from “START COURSE” to “IN PROGRESS.”


The bar on the course page will show the percent completed as you progress: 

You can also check “Course Content” on each course page to see which specific lessons or topics you still need to complete:

thought I completed a course but it is still not showing as 100% complete. What should I do?

  • Most likely, there is a practice order that you didn’t complete or was graded as incorrect, or a section that you did not mark “complete” as you moved forward. Click on the course, and look under “Course Content.” Click “expand all,” then check to make sure all of the circles are filled in. If any are not filled in, go back to that section to review and mark complete.


  • If they are all filled in, submit a support ticket or send a message to HQ in the Bite Ninja chat. 

“What if my courses are not showing up?”

  • If you were assigned to a restaurant but don’t see the training course, please submit a support ticket by clicking the link at the top of this page.

If you are unable to login to your Bite Ninja account to access the training portal:

  • Attempt a hard refresh of the page (click here for help). If following those steps or changing your password don’t work, please submit a support ticket for assistance. 

If you are getting a message that a practice order is incorrect:

  • First, make sure that you are correctly submitting the practice orders by viewing the “Proper Practice Order Placement” video in the course. You can also scroll down to view the video here.

  • Make sure that you are selecting or deselecting all requested modifiers on the order. Be sure to add any extras. Notice any “Helpful Hints” in text above the Zenu frame. Attempt the order again before requesting assistance- most of the time, something small is missing from the order.

  • If you are still stuck at this point, send a message in the app chat with the course and order number, or submit a support ticket with the same information.

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