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Step 1: Once you are logged in to the Bite Ninja app, you should see an orange navigational menu on the left hand side of the screen. Click on Available Shifts:

Step 2: You will be taken to your Available Shifts page, as shown here. The amount of shifts that appear will depend on availability for the date selected:

Each shift box will display the time, shift length, POS type, restaurant name, department, shift status, and payment amount. 


Step 3: Look for shifts that match your availability, and bid! Unless changed, the page will display 7 days at a time, starting with the current day. See below for help with changing the date range.


You have the option to filter shifts by date, time, and payment amount. If you are certified for multiple restaurants or departments, you can also filter out certain locations.

These functions are at the top right of the screen. You can use the search bar first if you are looking for something specific.


Date: Click this icon and a calendar will appear for you to select a specific date range. 


Time/Amount: Shifts will always display from earliest to latest start time. Click this icon to instead view the highest paid shifts first. You can switch back and forth.

All other filter options: Pay range, restaurant, location (for restaurants with multiple stores), and department (for restaurants with multiple stations/departments).

Refreshing the page will clear any previously selected filter options.

Note: These images are from the desktop version of the Bite Ninja platform. The steps for the mobile app will be the same, but the images may differ slightly. Please contact us if you have any questions.

“I saw in the chat that there is a shift that needs to be covered today, but I can’t find it in the available shifts.”

  • Most likely, the shift has already been assigned. However, double check that you have the correct date selected. The selected date will appear highlighted. Also, check to see if you have any date range filters selected that need to be cleared. 

“I just got certified for a new restaurant- why don’t I see any available shifts?”

  • Once you are certified, our team has to assign the restaurant to you in the Bite Ninja app. You will only be able to view shifts for restaurants that you are assigned to. To check your assigned restaurants, click on My Profile, then scroll down to “Assigned Restaurants & Departments.” If the restaurant is not listed within 2 hours of your certification, please contact the team member who certified you to correct the issue. 
  • Also, be aware that shifts for the current week may be assigned to Ninjas already. Check for available shifts after the current week or so. Also, be sure to check for dropped or added shifts daily!

“I know some restaurants are in a different time zone than I am. Are the shift times displayed in my time zone or the restaurant’s?”

  • All shifts will be displayed in your local time, AS LONG AS YOUR COMPUTER’S TIME IS SET CORRECTLY. Check to make sure the time displayed on your computer is correct, and adjust if needed.
  • To confirm that the shifts are displaying in your time zone, look at the top next to the “Available Shifts” header. It should display your time zone:


  • If you have any issues with the time display, please send a support ticket or contact the CSS team in the app.

If you see this image on a selected date:


  • There may not be any available shifts for the selected date. Select a different day, or check your filters. You may have to refresh or clear your previously selected filters.

If previously selected filters won’t clear after you have refreshed the page:

  • You can try logging out completely then logging back in. If that doesn’t work, you can do a “hard refresh” of the browser page by pressing and holding CTRL+F5 or CTRL+SHIFT+R at the same time. For mobile, close out and restart the app.
  • If the above steps don’t work, please submit a support ticket and contact the CSS team in the app.

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