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This article describes how to navigate through our certification courses. If you need help accessing the certification portal, click here instead.

Step 1: Click on the course that you would like to work on. Your “Course Grid” displays all the courses that you are assigned to, and your current progress.

Step 2: Now, you will be taken to the main course page with a list of all course content. First, check for any course materials:

Step 3: Click “Start Course” (or, if you’ve previously started it, click “Continue”):

Step 4: Now, you can proceed through the course! Your progress will be saved when you log out.


Courses are made up of LessonsTopicsQuizzes, and Practice Orders.


Each Lesson contains multiple Topics. You can identify Lesson pages by the banner, above the list of the Topics that it is comprised of:

When you get to a Lesson page, do not click the “Mark Complete” button. This will skip the entire Lesson and you’ll complete the course out of order. Instead, select either the first Topic from the list, or simply click the arrow in the bottom right corner to proceed:


Most Topic pages will include an informational video, sometimes with links to outside resources or supplemental materials. This is where you will click “Mark Complete” when finished reviewing. 

Each time you complete a Topic page, click “Mark Complete” to proceed to the next one. Once you finish all the Topics in that Lesson, you will proceed to the next Lesson (and follow the directions above). 

The first Topic page will include a text prompt for you, like this:


Each restaurant course contains 2 quizzes: one for menu knowledge, and one for order-taking. 

First, you will land on the Quiz Page. Click on the arrow or the text link (the quiz name) to launch the quiz:


Then, click the Start Quiz button:

Proceed through the quiz. Most questions are multiple choice, some are select all. You are required to answer every question, but there is no time limit.


After you select an answer, click the “Next” button. DO NOT CLICK THE ARROW. You will navigate away from the quiz if you click the arrows.

Once you are finished, your results will be recorded. You can then choose to view the answers, retake the quiz (if allowed), or continue through the course:


In each course, you will have an opportunity to place practice orders using our training POS system. Your orders will then be graded for accuracy.

Each course will contain a how-to video, or you can click here to view.

If a Topic has associated practice orders, just click on the first Practice Order to proceed: 

Make sure there is a station selected in the top right corner of the embedded practice menu.

“I thought I completed a course but it is still not showing as 100% complete. What should I do?”
  • Most likely, there is a practice order that you didn’t complete or was graded as incorrect, or a section that you did not mark “complete” as you moved forward. You MUST mark all Topics as “complete.” 

Go to the main course page, and view all “Course Content.” Click “expand all,” then check to make sure all of the circles are filled in and each topic title is crossed out. If any are not, go back to that section to review and mark complete.


  • If they are all filled in, submit a support ticket or send a message to HQ in the Bite Ninja chat. 

"I had a new restaurant course show up in my training portal, then disappear. What should I do?"
  • If there was no previous communication from the CSS or onboarding teams regarding a new client opportunity, it was most likely a mistake or a bug/glitch. To confirm, you can contact the CSS team in the Ninja Chat, or submit a support ticket with your information.

  • If you know you are definitely supposed to be assigned the course, let the CSS team know right away and they will get your course access back.

If you are receiving an error message or blank screen while attempting to complete a course…
  • First, make sure that you are logged in at The Bite Ninja training portal is connected to your Ninja account. You will be unable to access your courses if you log out. If you are logged in and still having issues, attempt to do a hard refresh of the page or clear your cache. 

If you are getting a message that a practice order is incorrect:
  • First, make sure that you are correctly submitting the practice orders by viewing the “Proper Practice Order Placement” video in the course. You can also scroll down to view the video here.

  • Make sure that you are selecting or deselecting all requested modifiers on the order. Be sure to add any extras. Notice any “Helpful Hints” in text above the Zenu frame. Attempt the order again before requesting assistance- most of the time, something small is missing from the order.

  • If you are still stuck at this point, send a message in the app chat with the course and order number, or submit a support ticket with the same information.

    • Some courses may contain an embedded form for practice order questions- you can use this to submit a message if available.

If you are receiving an error message when attempting practice orders or the embedded practice menu is not loading:
  • Make sure you are logged in at You will use the same login you use for your app account. Also check to make sure that you have a station selected in the top right corner of the embedded menu. Most will use the Drive Thru station:

  • If you are logged in and have the correct station selected, please submit a support ticket so we can troubleshoot. There is also a chance that your account needs to be granted access to whichever staging restaurant you are attempting to use.


How to Place Practice Orders:

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