Connecting to Ninja Portal

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Step 1: After joining your shift through the Bite Ninja app, you should see the screen below. IF IT DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY OPEN WHEN YOU JOIN, COPY/PASTE OR CLICK HERE:

On the top right corner, make sure the correct store location and station is selected (i.e. Baby Jack’s Bartlett, Drive Thru). THEN, on the menu on the left hand side, make sure Ninja Portal is selected: 

First:     Second:       


Step 2: Your connection status will display underneath the Open Zoom button. While connecting, click the button to open Zoom:

*If you get a Permissions pop-up from your browser, make sure that you click YES to allow your camera and microphone.

*Please wait up to 60 seconds for the connection. If after 60 seconds connection has not been established, please refresh and try again.

Step 3: A Zoom meeting will now open in another window. This will allow you to display a virtual background, adjust your audio settings, start/stop your camera, and mute/unmute your mic. [See: Zoom Settings for more information and suggestions on how to arrange your screen]

Step 4: Once a successful connection is established, you will see a grey play button appear next to your profile picture. You must click this button in order to take control of the station and be displayed on the customer side: 

Your screen should look something like this (but with your camera on). You can arrange the windows any way you’d like, as long as you can see the drive thru or front counter video feed:

You are now ready to go!


IF YOU DO NOT SEE AN "OPEN ZOOM" BUTTON (instead, you see an embedded video like this...)

You don't have to do anything! Just allow camera & microphone permissions if you are prompted. You'll see the customer on top, and your video on the bottom.

“What account should I use when logging in to Zenu?”

  • Zenu will be connected to the account you use for the Bite Ninja app. When you log in, choose the email option rather than logging in with Google (even if it is the same account). You should not have to log in every time unless you have done a hard refresh of your browser, or have recently cleared your cookies and site data.

"Do I need to have my own video displayed on my screen during the whole shift?"

  • As long as your camera is on and you click the Play button when a connection is established, you don’t have to view your own video. If you “minimize” the Zoom screen, you will be left with one floating video to which you can pin the customer video feed. (If working a non-Zoom shift, your video will be embedded into Ninja Portal).

If orders are going through to the wrong station, even though your screen displays the correct station...

  • Log out of Zenu, then log back in. Make sure you select the station first, then select “Ninja Portal” on the menu [see Step 1 above]. Doing so the other way around can cause this issue.

If Ninja Portal won’t connect or is otherwise not working...

  • This should be a rare occurrence, but contact the CSS team first to let them know. They will attempt to troubleshoot, OR they will direct you to use Zenu without Ninja Portal. Do not do this without permission. 
  • If you are running a shift without Ninja Portal, you will have to set up a little differently (with help from CSS), and there will be a few small differences in the order-taking process. You will use Zenu and Zoom separately- unlike using Ninja Portal where everything opens with the click of a button. Please see this Google doc for more information.

If Portal won’t connect at first or you get an error message, lose connection, lose the live video feed, etc...

  • First, attempt to do a hard refresh of the browser page by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+R at the same time. The page will reload. If that doesn’t solve the issue, reach out to the CSS team in the app or send a support ticket. 

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