Pick-Up Orders- Checking In

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If working Front Counter, or a Drive Thru shift with payments:

Step 1: Search for the order the customer is picking up by hitting the "Modify Order" button. You can search by the customer's name or the order number. 

Step 2: Begin typing in the customer's name or order number in the search box. Select the correct station.

Step 3: Verify if the balance is paid or unpaid by looking at the ticket. The total amount will be highlighted in red or green

    Red means it has not been paid yet. 

    Green means the order has been paid for.


Step 4: If it is unpaid, Take the customer's payment then hit the “Check-In” button.

If it is already paid for, hit the “Check-In” button. This will alert the kitchen that the customer is here.

If working the Drive Thru (no payments):

Step 1: Click the “Check-In” button:

Step 2: Select from the list, or search for the customer's order by name or number:


Step 3: Confirm check in. You can send a note to the kitchen at this time as well, if needed.

Step 4: Direct the customer to the window to pick up (and pay, if there is a balance).

Third Party Ordering Services

Step 1: Some restaurants are affiliated with third party delivery services. For all third-party pickups, click the "Print Note" button.

Step 2: Verify that your note is going to the correct station printer. Type the third party service and customer’s name on the note: 


Step 3: Double check your message and hit the send button. The kitchen staff will know to send the order out.

I have a customer here early to pick up their order. What should I do?

  • You can check the customer in so the kitchen is aware that they have arrived- just let them know that the kitchen is working on their order. If they are upset or claim that their pickup time was entered incorrectly, inform your restaurant leader or a manager.

If you are unable to locate an order by searching…

  • Chances are, the order number is incorrect or the name was entered incorrectly. Ask the customer for one of the order items, and take a look at pending orders. You will most likely find the order that way.
  • If not, select the "Print note" button and utilize the note-sending function. Send a note to the kitchen with your station and the customer's name for pickup.You can also alert them that you are unable to find the order to check in.

If a customer’s order is showing as unpaid, but they say they have paid…

  • Be kind, but always verify payment before allowing a customer to leave. If you need assistance, contact your restaurant leader or management. They can verify past payments or see if a credit card transaction was attempted. 

For more help with taking payments…

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