Taking Payments

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This article will walk you through the payment functions of Zenu/Ninja Portal.

Step 1: When you are ready to accept payment, ask if the customer will be paying with Cash or a Card.

Step 2: If the customer is paying with a Card, Press CARD:

You will see this window pop up:

*If the customer is splitting the payment between a card and cash, enter in the amount the customer will be paying on the card, then take the remaining cash payment by selecting CASH on the main screen.

Step 3: Click “Pay.” 

Instruct the customer to insert their card into the card reader. Once the payment has gone through, a checkmark with a “successful” status will appear. The receipt will print out shortly.


Just hit the CASH button, then input the cash received. If the amount is greater than the order total, the customer’s change amount will be displayed. Click OK, and the payment will be accounted for in your cash totals for the day.


You can apply cash or percentage discounts by selecting APPLY DISCOUNT:

Then, input either the amount off, or the percent off:

The total will now be adjusted. Click the arrow next to the total/amount due to expand the details:

“What if the customer would like to split the payment between multiple cards or cards and cash?”

  • No problem! The only thing you will do differently is type the amount to be charged to each card. For example, if 2 people want to apply $10 cash, then split the remainder of a $50 check:

  1. Take the $10 cash payment first by selecting the orange CASH button, leaving a $40 balance.

  2. Type in $20 and run the first card.

  3. Type in $20 and run the second card.

If the payment is declined or unable to process…

  • You may be able to see the reason for the decline:

  • If there is no reason listed or a general processing error, verify that the card reader is connected and working properly. If the card reader is connected and the same issue occurs with a different card, you can call or message so our support team can troubleshoot the issue.


To check if the payment is successful…

  • On the payment pop up, you will be able to see the status of the payment:

  • If you need to check a past/open ticket, you can check to see if the balance is paid or unpaid by expanding the ticket’s details. The total amount will be highlighted in red or green. Red means it has NOT been paid yet, and will be accompanied by “Unpaid” and a balance. Green means the order has been paid for, and the balance should say $0.00.

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